Bambusa nutans     

Bambusa nutans Wall. ex Munro

Family       : Poaceae

Common Name : കല്ലുമുള (Mal)

          : Nodding Bamboo(Eng)

Culms : Tufted Height: 6-15m  Diameter:5-10cm  Culm Color: Green

Internode Length: 25 - 45cm  Culm Sheath Colour: 10-23cm long with appressed scattered black, base with soft deciduous hairs, top truncateligule at the top of the sheath, large, wavy, unequal in size, one erect and the others decurrent, both fringed,long curved bristles base rounded, margin recurved adaxial surface clothed with appressed brownish black hairs, young shoots yellowish green at apex,sheaths covered sparsely with dark brown and yellow hairs.Length of Leaf: 15- 25cm  Breadth of Leaf : 15- 25cm  Leaf Shape: Linear lanceolate. Inflorescence and Flower: Stiff panicle bearing spicate branches with clusters of stiff erect spikelets in bracteate heads rachis smooth. Spikelets, many sterile,few fertile, flowering glumes ovate, acute,mucronate many nerved,minutely hairy within palea shorter than flowering glume,flattened,ovate,2-keeled,with the long white ciliae on the edges of the keels overlapping , rachillae clavate, hairy and ciliate at the top,Ovary sub obovate stalked, glabrous below pubescent above,style short, pubescent, stigmas 2-3 shortly plumose twisted nearly glabrous.

Use: Decoration, pulp and paper, poles, rafters

Distribution : Native of Nepal and introduced elsewhere

Flowering Cycle: 35 years

Flowering & Fruiting : January-April