Digital Herbarium

Data of over 12,00 species of herbarium specimens collected since 1964 will now be freely available to the public and can be accessed through internet. Many of the specimens are more than 50 years old and preserved at its best condition. The teachers and students of the Department of Botany, Nirmalagiri College, Kannur, Kerala have been engaged in the digitizing the entire herbarium collection and have launched a Digital Herbarium of Nirmalagiri College. Each record in digital herbarium includes high resolution image of the preserved plant specimen, its scientific name, collection locality, collection date, collector name etc. The information will be helpful for the study of plant taxonomy and geographical distribution. Besides, phylogenetic, molecular and museomics studies will be possible with this herbarium specimens. The NGC herbarium housed about 2500 specimens from Kerala, and other South Indian states including Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, and Lichens. More than 700 specimens were restored from their original damaged sheets by using highquality paper sheets.