Bismarckia nobilis  

Bismarckia nobilis Hildebr & Wendl.

Family : Arecaceae

Common Name : ബിസ്മാർക് പാം (Mal)

 Bismarck Palm (Eng)

IUCN Status : Least Concern (LC)

Dioecious palm; stem single, unbranched, to 15 m high and 40-50 cm diameter; trunk with old scars from leaf bases. Leaves usually 15-30, pale blue to silver in colour, palmate, 2-2.5 m wide and divided into 20-30 lobes; petiole 1.5-2.5 m long, distally more or less flattened, abaxially rounded, the surfaces greyish white, densely covered in white wax and patches of reddish, fringed caducous scales, the margins smooth.

Bismarck Palm is a massive tropical palm with a stout trunk and a symmetric huge crown. It grows a single trunk that is smooth on mature specimens but young individuals retain old leaf bases. This palm may reach an ultimate height of 50-60 ft with a spread of 20 ft or more. Even young specimens that have yet to form a trunk sport full crowns of about 25 leaves with the maximum spread. Leave are palmately lobe, bright light blue, waxy and are up to 10 ft across. They are supported on 6 ft stems that can be 10 inches in diameter. The leaf bases split where they attach to the trunk (like those of Sabal palmetto) and the leaf stems are armed with small sharp teeth. 

Uses: An Exotic Garden plant

Distribution : Native to Madagascar

Flowering & Fruiting : Throughout the year