Acrostichum aureum 

Acrostichum aureum L.

Family     :  Pteridaceae

It is a mangrove fern, growing up to 3 m tall, and thrives well under full sun. The stem (rhizome) of this species is stout, erect, and covered with relatively large scales that are about 4 by 1.8 cm. Dark green, erect fronds are composed of 24 - 30 pinnae (leaflet-like structure) in alternate arrangement (1 - 4 m long, 0.12 - 0.5 m wide). The petiole of the frond (known as the stipe) is usually about 1 m long. The 5 - 8 pairs of pinnae near the tip are fertile with their underside covered in reddish brown sporangia (except the midrib), while the remaining pinnae are infertile. The pinnae are oblong with a blunt tip (8 - 50 cm long, 1 - 7 cm wide) and bright red when immature. Fibrous rhizomes (underground, horizontal stems) have a scaly surface.