Adiantum latifolium

Adiantum latifolium Lam.

    Family Pteridaceae

Terrestrial herb with long creeping, densely scaly rhizome, 3-4 mm thick. Scales 2-3 x 0.1 mm, lanceolate or linear, very narrow pointed at apex, dark reddish brown, clathrate, entire or with few outgrowths. Fronds 40-55 x 20-28 cm; stipe 25-36 cm long, black polished, scaly beneath, hairy above; lamina deltoid in outline, bipinnate; primary pinnae 12-13 x 4.5-6 cm, oblong, lanceolate in outline, 5-6, alternate, largest in middle; pinnules to 3.5 x 1 cm, trapeziform, obtuse to rounded at apex, serrate; sessile or subsessile, acroscopic base truncate, basiscopic base cuneate, excised, coriaceous; veins very close, repeatedly forking, anastomosing, largest pinnae in the middle, terminal pinnae rhomboid, larger. Sori 2-4 mm, oblong or elliptic, yellowish brown. Sporangial capsule 250 x 125 µm, subglobose, stalk 250 µm long. Spores 37.5 x 35 µm, triangular, yellowish, verrucoid.