Cheilanthes tenuifolia

Cheilanthes tenuifolia (Burm. f.) Sw

Family : Pteridaceae

Rhizomes erect, short; scales yellowish brown, subulate, not sclerified. Fronds clustered. Stipe chestnut-brown, 6-25 cm, grooved adaxially, margins of groove blunt, rounded abaxially, sparsely scaly proximally, glabrous distally. Lamina green to yellowish green, deltoid, pentagonal-ovate, or broadly ovate-lanceolate, shorter than stipe, 4-18 × 4-12 cm, tripinnate or pinnate-bipinnatifid, herbaceous, thin, glabrous abaxially, with sparse, short hairs adaxially; rachis and costae grooved adaxially, margins of grooves narrowly winged on distal rachis and costae. Pinnae 6-8 pairs; basal pair largest, ovate-deltoid or ovate-lanceolate, 3-9 × 2.5-4.5 cm, stalked (stalks 0.3-1 cm), apex acuminate; proximal pinnae inequilateral, basal basiscopic pinnules largest. Ultimate segments connected by very narrow wings, lobed, lobes elliptic. Sori confined to distal portion of lobes, interrupted at segment bases. False indusia continuous or not, margins entire to somewhat undulate or erose.