Microsorum punctatum

Microsorum punctatum (L.) Copel

Family     :  Polypodiaceae

Epiphytes or lithophytes with erect rhizome, 1.5-5 x 1.5-4 cm. Scales 2-3 x 1 mm, ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, dark brown to black at the centre, paler along margins, irregular to entire. Fronds 18-60 x 1.8-7.5 cm, elliptic or linear-lanceolate, or oblanceolate, acuminate, margins entire, cartilaginous, wavy, coriaceous, cuneate to decurrent at base; stipe 1-1.5 cm long, costa raised above and below; veins indistinct, anastomosing. Sori circular, yellowish to brown, scattered towards the distal half. Sporangial capsule 375 x 312.5 µm, subglobose, stalk 500 µm long, 3-seriate at apex, rest biseriate. Spores 75 x 40 mm, yellowish, ellipsoid, planoconvex or reniform, smooth.