Pteris ensiformis

Pteris ensiformis Burm. f

Family     :  Pteridaceae

Short slender (gracile) terrestrial and/or lithophytic ferns. Rhizome short creeping to suberect, scaly; scales narrowly triangular, brown. Fronds ± dimorphic. Stipe to 200 mm long, pale green; base scaly. Lamina 1-pinnate, with pinnae (apart from apical pinna) increasing in length from apex to base. Sterile lamina c.200 mm long; lower pinnae pinnate to pinnatifid, to 160 mm long; ultimate segments c.8-10 mm wide, oblong to ovate, irregularly serrate. Fertile lamina to 300 mm long, narrower than sterile; pinnae forked near their base; ultimate segments linear to narrowly oblong, serrate only at their apices. Veins free, oblique, 1-2-forked. Sori continuous from near base to near apices of fertile pinnae or pinnules; paraphyses scarce.