Cissus quadrangularis

Cissus quadrangularis L.

Family     :    Vitaceae

Common Name  : ചങ്ങലംപരണ്ട  (Mal)


                                  Veld grape(Eng)

Cissus quadrangularis is a perennial plant of the grape family. It is commonly known as veldt grape, winged treebine or adamant creeper. The species is native to tropical Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and much of Africa.

 Rambling, succulent, glabrous, deciduous shrubs; stem 4-angular, winged or ridged at angles, constricted at nodes; tendril simple. Leaves simple, entire or 3-lobed, 2-5 x 2-5 cm, ovate-suborbicular or subreniform, base truncate, margin distantly spinulose-crenate, apex obtuse, thick-coriaceous; petiole to 1 cm long. Flowers in leaf-opposed, peduncled, umbellate cymes. Calyx-tube obscurely 4-lobed, c. 2 mm long, reddish. Petals ca. 2.5 mm long, ovate, acute, greenish-yellow, recurved. Stamens 4; filaments to 2 cm long; anthers yellow. Disk 4-lobed, yellow. Ovary ca. 1 mm long, 2-celled; ovules 2 per cell. Berry ca. 7 mm across, subglobose. Seeds black, smooth.


Obesity. Taking Cissus quadrangularis extract by mouth, alone or with other ingredients, seems to help reduce body weight in people who are overweight or obese.


  Widespread in the drier parts of Africa, Arabia and Indo-Malesia.

Flowering & Fruiting :